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50 Minutes

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is tailored to your needs; during your initial session we will explore what has brought you to therapy and what you might be seeking from it. Following this, I can make some recommendations around what therapeutic approach is likely to be the best fit for you. If you decide to go ahead with therapy with me, we can then look to find a suitable time for weekly sessions moving forward. 


  • I primarily draw on psychodynamic therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Psychodynamic therapy allows us to explore your past experiences and relationships and notice how they might be influencing your present experience. This approach is best suited to open-ended therapy and is an evolving process over time. 


  • Cognitive Analytic Therapy – CAT is typically a time-limited therapy over the course of 16-24 sessions. Sessions are weekly. 


60 minutes

Couples Therapy

Relationships change over time and can present us with many challenges. Couples therapy can provide an opportunity to explore difficulties that might have emerged and work towards a resolution where possible. I aim to help the couple to identify patterns of unhelpful or damaging behaviour in their relationship so that we are able to look for new ways of being together. 


Couples therapy is focused on providing insight for both parties and a deeper understanding of one another. Unravelling how past experiences (often from childhood) are playing out in the present is a key aspect of this. Although couples often come to therapy when the relationship feels at breaking point, seeking therapy when difficulties initially emerge can be more beneficial.  

90 minutes

Specialist eating disorder assessment

For those aged 18 or over, I offer specialist eating disorder assessment. Whether you have been struggling with eating difficulties more recently or have battled disordered eating for years, I offer a comprehensive assessment and recommendations for treatment. This includes an assessment report. 


The assessment lasts up to 90 minutes and includes a detailed exploration of both your personal history and history of disordered eating. If you have received previous treatment (either on the NHS or privately) we can explore what was helpful/unhelpful about this and where things might have got stuck in your recovery. 


I will make treatment recommendations following your assessment that might include referrals to a dietician, Consultant Psychiatrist or Nurse Specialist where appropriate. 


I have a limited number of appointments reserved for eating disorder treatment only. 

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